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OX Free Counter
OX Free Counter

Last update-11/14/2000/8:42pm

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11/14/2000/8:42pm-Again sorry i didnt update for a half a Month!I'am now busy playing FF8 and busy waiting for my Playstation2.

10/21/2000/9:07pm-First update in a very long time.I've been busy playing a diablo-like game called can download it,make an ID and play the game at!!!

10/12/2000/9:42pm-Second and last update tonight.the reason i call this an update is that this writing was not here but now it is. the page has been changed.Thats why this is my second update.I think i should change my polls what do u think???If u agree or disagree mail me at bcrystal709

10/12/2000/9:36pm-First update tonight.Ive been wondering the reason people used to come here 100times last week but now 20 a day...i dont get it!!!!maybe the reason is i didnt update so much....if u know the problem tell me!!

10/10/2000/9:32pm-second and final update today.The page called DB Gallery is closed now so i deleted the link to it.I'll add more links tommarrow or so....

10/10/2000/9:01pm-I have no time at afternoon so im only updating at nights..Im trying to contact OXcounter about my counter problems but wont get a answer i cant see it!!!I'll try to get it back as soon as possible.

10/09/2000/9:57pm-Second and last update today.I checked my links and found out that it was broken. Of course i fixed it and now there are about 10 Emulators to choose from.

10/09/2000/9:45pm-First update today.My computer went crazy with 3-D but its fixed now.I installed Win98 again!!!!My Lan company was fixing something so i coudnt use the internet until now!!!

10/08/2000/9:45pm-Last update today. Fixed the error on my counter,checked links...ill update almost sleepy...Z...Z...z..z

10/08/2000/9:36pm-Now I'll write about updating infos everytime i update my homepage. Changed my background looks and added one more image.

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