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Characters from DragonballZ and DragonballGT

Gokou:Main character on all of the Dragon Ball saga's. He is the main and most admired character where Dragon Ball is based on. Gokou starts out as a small child and then grows to be a big strong character. Gokou is the first to reach the SSJ1 stage and reaches the SSJ4 stage in Dragon Ball GT. He is one of the best characters created and is admired by all of the Dragon Ball Fans.

Gohan:Gohan, the son of Gokou and Chi-Chi, starts out as a small child on the firs episode of Dragon Ball Z. Gohan is the first to reach the SSJ2 mode fighting Cell and manages to destroy him. Gohan at first is a very timid character and takes everything with much precaution. He is one of the few characters that are shown in their child stage. Gohan is very admired during the Cell Saga mostly. Gohan takes the turn in the Cell saga and is made famous there.

Trunks:Trunks, being the son of Vegeta and Bulma, is one of the strongest characters. He is first seen coming from the future to warn Gokou of his heart disease and give him some medicine to take. Trunks is a character with purple hair, and is a very peaceful character. He gets along very well with Goten for he is one of his first friends. Trunks is later known better in the Dragon Ball GT saga when him, Gokou, and Pan go searching for the Dragon Balls.

Vegeta:Vegeta, a cruel and harmful character is first shown as a mean character trying to take over the galaxy. Vegeta is the prince of his planet which is later destroyed by freeza killing all of the Saiyans from the planet. Vegeta then realizes on namek that Freeza wants to destroy him and just uses him and is then on earth found peace with Bulma who helps him get over his mean character. they then have trunks and trunks is then appeared in the android saga where he is in future form and present form. After all Vegeta is a good character towards the end of Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.

Krillin:The first friend of Gokou... Krillin who comes with master roshi to train with Gokou. Krillin is a dood who likes to shave his head which is his favorite style. Krillin then in Dragon Ball Z lets his hair grow and is shown as he is in Dragon Ball GT. Krillin possesses great powers like Gokou but then later in Dragon Ball is greatly surpassed by Gokou with his great powers. Over all, Krillin is a good character and one of the best characters there is.


Piccolo is the reborn Devil himself. Many years ago, A Namekian was sent to earth in fear that a comet would soon hit the planet Namek. The man we know as Kami-sama (which translates into god or the god of earth) wanted to take the place of the watcher of earth. But in order for him to do that he had to purge the small amount of evil that was within him. When Kami-sama did this his spirit split into two. Thus, from the expulsion of Kami's evil side, was the birth of an evil entity called Piccolo-Diamao (Piccolo the demon). Piccolo-Diamao was evil and destructive causing cities to disappear. Eventually this evil being came across Goku (when he was young). They fought an epic battle, with Goku killing Piccolo-Diamao. On his dying breath he spat out an egg which hatch into the Piccolo in the Z team.Young Piccolo was evil like his father. A native of the planet Namek, he has the ability to regrow parts of his body that he lost. He and Goku were enemies as teenagers and fought many times. However when he was forced to train Goku's son Gohan before Vegita and Nappa were to come to earth, a different side of Piccolo is revealed and we see that he is not entirely evil after all. Gohan's innocence and friendliness help Piccolo become a different person changing him to be on the side of good instead of evil. Further in the story Piccolo develops a paternal affection for Gohan, protecting him. During the Android saga, Kami-sama nulls on the decision to remerge with his "evil" counter part noting that Piccolo has good in his heart. Kami eventually decides to do so forever putting him on the side of good and fighting with the Z team.


The second character introduced in Dragonball, Bulma is smart and witty but also goofy. Like her father (the founder of Capsule Corporation) she is very handy with technology. Sometimes she comes off as selfish and irritating and can get on peoples nerves. Eventually she and Vegita "pair up" and have two children: Trunks and Bra


At first Yamucha was a thief and one of Goku's enemies. But as the story went on he begins to fall in love with Bulma (early in the series they go out together) and thus he starts to develop a friendship with Goku. He is the weakest member of the Z team.

Chi Chi

The strongest wife in the universe! Chi Chi is the wife of Son Goku. She met Goku when they were young. At that time Goku made a promise to marry her and she does not forget this. When Chi Chi and Goku meet up again as teenagers Goku doesn't recognize her. Angry that Goku does not remember her, she enters herself in a fighting tournament Goku participated in and fights him before letting him know who she really is. Goku naturally wins the match and by the end of the day they are husband and wife. Chi Chi and Goku have two children: Son Gohan and Son Goten.

Ox King

The fabled "Gyuumaoh", the Ox king is Chi Chi's father. He appeared early in the Dragonball series. The turtle master knew Ox King as the one who trained with Goku's Grandfather, Gohan.


Piccolo's spiritual opposite and the Watcher of Earth (literally god). Before he became god, he had to expel the small evil that was within him. When he did this the evil that split from him came to be known as Piccolo's Parent. If Piccolo is in danger and dies Kami-sama dies as well. They cannot exist without each other. Kami-sama is part of an alien race called the Namekians (Namek-sei-jin).


Kaio-sama is the fun loving comedian who is the watcher of the the north galexy. He is one of Goku's trainers and taught him the Kaio-Ken, a powerful technique. Later in the series we see that there are other Deities that watch different parts of the universe. Kaio is just one of many Deities who appear in the series.

Mister Satan

The comic relief of Dragonball. Mr.Satan first appeared in Dragonball Z as Earth's so called world champion. He tried to fight Cell in the Cell tournament only to be flicked away silly. Many people on earth believed that he defeated Cell and that he is the most powerful. Satan realizes that he is not the strongest when he bumps into the Z team and tries so hard to protect up his image during the series.


Mister Satan's daughter, and Gohan's one time classmate. During Gohan's first years in high school Videl tried in vain to figure out who the Great Saiyaman is. Eventually she figures out Gohan is the Great Saiyaman and asks him to teach her how to fly. Videl is more powerful than her father. She fights for justice as one of the cities great crime fighters. By the end of the series Gohan and Videl get married and have one child: Pan.

Son Goten

The second child of Son Goku and Chi Chi. Goten exhibits great potential when becoming a Super Saiyan at an early age. Goten was trained by Gohan and has a bearing resemblance of his father. He and Trunks become good friends and are always causing trouble between the two of them. Goten is a good natured boy, a little naive perhaps and only gets in trouble because Trunks spites them to.

Young (Chibi) Trunks

The first child of Vegita and Bulma. Young (Chibi) Trunks is very different from future (Mira) Trunks. He is a little mischievous, and has a bad attitude much like his father. Although he means well most of the time, he always gets himself and Goten in trouble. Chibi Trunks never reaches his potential because of the fact that he lives in times of peace.

Mutenroshi (The turtle master)

The old master of martial arts. Mutenroshi has strange taste in clothing and a sex crazed mind. He trains Goku an Krillin and teaches them everything he knows. He lives in a house on a small island with his turtle friend (Ume-gama).